Jim Kahle - Keynote Speaker for TAU 2004!
Director of Technology
Design Center for the Cell Technology

Jim Kahle is an IBM Fellow whos current role is the Director of Technology for the Austin based  Design Center for the Cell Technology. This is a partnership with IBM, Sony and Toshiba.

Jim has been working for IBM since the early 80's on RISC based microprocessors. His work started in Physical Design tools and now has concentrated on RISC Architecture. He was a key designer for the RIOS I processor that launched IBM into the RS/6000 line of workstations and servers.

Jim was also one of the founding members of the Somerset Design center were he was the project manager for the PowerPC 603 and follow-on processors which lead to PowerPC G3. These chips and cores have been used everywhere from embedded cores, to Apple systems and Nintendo's new Game Cube. Jim was key to the definition of the PowerPC architecture and of the superscalar techniques used in IBM. Jim has been on the forefront of Superscalar design, MultiScalar and SMT microarchitectures.

Jim Kahle was the Chief Architect for the Power4 core and continually assists in PowerPC roadmap planning.

Jim received his BS degree from Rice University in 1983.